Estimating the Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance of Structural Steels - Truth or Fiction
Pedro Albrecht

Why are Intervals and Imprecision Important in Engineering Design?
J. M. Aughenbaugh and C. J. J. Paredis

How Reliable are Computational Predictions in the Engineering Sciences?
Ivo Babuska

Sampling Without Probabilistic Model
Michael Beer

Defect-Based ODE Solvers Based on Taylor Model Methods
M. Berz and K. Makino

Computational Methods for Decision Making Based on Imprecise Information
M. Bruns , C.J.J. Paredis , and S. Ferson

How to Take into Account Dependence Between the Inputs: From Interval Computations to Constraint-Related Set Computations, With Potential Applications to Nuclear Safety, Bio- and Geosciences
Martine Ceberio, Scott Ferson, Vladik Kreinovich, Sanjeev Chopra, Gang Xiang

A Library of Taylor Models for PVS Automatic Proof Checker
Francisco Cháves and Marc Daumas

Towards an Interval Subroutine Library
George F. Corliss, R. Baker Kearfott, Ned Nedialkove, Spencer Smith

Interval Arithmetic Logic Unit for Signal Processing And Control Applications
W. W. Edmonson, R. Gupte, J. Gianchandani, S. Ocloo, and W. E. Alexander

Overview of Reliability Analysis and Design Capabilities In DAKOTA
M.S. Eldred

Modeling Uncertainties in Seismic Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
Bruce R. Ellingwood

Reliability of Structural Reliability Estimation
Isaac Elishakoff and Roberta Santoro

Modeling Correlation and Dependence Among Intervals
S. Ferson and V. Kreinovich

Applications of Fast and Accurate Summation in Computational Geometry
Stef Graillat, N. Louvet

An Algorithm for Bounding the Solution of a Fredholm Integral Equation of the Second Kind
Eldon Hansen

Compensated Horner Scheme in K-Fold Working Precision
Ph. Langlois, N. Louvet

Validated Solution of Initial Value Problems for Odes With Interval Parameters
Y.Lin and M.A. Stadtherr

Simultaneous Calculation of Gradient Enclosures and Their Use for n-Th Order Box Rejection
K. Makino and M. Brez

Reliable Dynamic Analysis of Transportation Systems
M. Modares, R.L. Mullen and D.A. Gasparini

Prediction of Uncertain Structural Responses with Fuzzy Time Series
Bernd Moeller, Uwe Reuter

Non-Probabilistic Design Optimization with Insufficient Data
Zissimos P. Mourelatos and Jun Zhou

Geometric Uncertainty in Truss Systems: An Interval Approach
Rafi L. Muhanna, Ayše Erdolen and RObert Mullen

Interval Arithmetic Technique for Constrained Reliability Optimization Problems
H. Munoz and E. Pierre

Online Implementation of a Robust Controller Using Hybrid Global Optimization Techniques
Nataraj S. V. Paluri, and Nandkishor Kubal

Worst Case Bounds in The Presence of Correlated Uncertainty
Arnold Neumaier

Outlier Detection in Geodetic Applications with Respect to Observation Imprecision
Ingo Neumann, Hansjörg Kutterer and Steffen Schön

A Computational Environment for Interval Matrices In C++
Michael Nooner and Chenyi Hu

Interval-Based Robust Statistical Techniques for Non-Negative Convex Functions, with Application to Timing Analysis of Computer Chips
Michael Orshansky, Wei-Shen Wang, Gang Xiang, Vladik Kreinovich

Bounding the Response of Mechanical Structures with Uncertainties in all the Parameters
E. D. Popova, R. Yankov, Z. Bonev

Interval Finite Element Methods: New Directions
Pavel Solin, Rafi Muhanna, Jack Chessa, Vladik Kreinovich, Roberto Araiza, Gang Xiang

On Reliability of Higher-Order FEM in Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems
Petr Sváček

Discrete Mechanics on Interval Algebra
Fulvio Tonon

Checking Computation of Numerical Functions by the Use of Functional Equations
F. Vainstein and Clint Jones

Reduction in Space Complexity and Error Detection/Correction of a Fuzzy Controller
F. Vainstein, V. Osorio, E. Marte, and R. Romero

Semantic Tolerance Modeling Based on Modal Interval Analysis
Yan Wang

Modeling Hysteris in CLIP - the Two Tanks Problem
D. K. Wittenberg and T. J. Hickey

Boundary Element Analysis of Systems Using Interval Methods
B.F. Zalewski, R.L. Mullen, R.L. Muhanna