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A Comparison of Information Management using Imprecise Probabilities and Precise Bayesian Updating of Reliability Estimates Sample Content
J. M. Aughenbaugh and J. W. Herrmann

Evaluation of Inconsistent Engineering data
M. Beer

Rational Allocation of Resources for Mitigating Future Natural Disasters: an Earthquake Scenario
Daniel Berleant and G. Yuce

Extreme probability distributions of random/fuzzy sets and p-boxes
A. Bernardini and F. Tonon

How to Estimate, Take Into Account, and Improve Travel Time Reliability in Transportation Networks
Ruey L. Cheu, Vladik Kreinovich, F. Modave, G. Xiang, and T. Magoc

Structural Integrity Prediction for Complex Engineered Systems
Seung-Kyum Choi

Precise and Effective Scientific Calculation on the CELL Processor
Nguyen Hong Diep, Stef Graillat, and Jean-Luc Lamotte

Imprecise Reliability of Engineering Structures
Issac Elishakoff

Propagating Uncertainties in Modeling Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
Joshua A. Enszer, Youdong Lin, Scott Ferson, George F. Corliss, and Mark A. Stadtherr

Randomness and Extreme Events in Oceanic Turbulence
Francesco Fedele

Uncertainty Modeling with Clouds in Autonomous Robust Design Optimization

Martin Fuchs

and Arnold Neumaier

An Interval Based Technique for FE Model Updating
S. Gabriele and C. Valente

Uncertain Processes and Numerical Monitoring of Structures
Wolfgang Graf

Accurate Floating Point Product
Stef Graillat

Static Analysis of Uncertain Structures Using Interval Eigenvalue Decomposition
M. Modares and R. L. Mullen

The Probability of Type I and Type II Errors in Imprecise Hypothesis Testing
Ingo Neumann and Hansjörg Kutterer

General Interval FEM Program Based on Sensitivity Analysis Method
Andrzej Pownuk

Stress Analysis of a Singly Reinforced Concrete Beam with Uncertain Structural Parameters
M.V.Rama Rao, Andrzej Pownuk, and Iwona Skalna

Propagation and Provenance of Probabilistic and Interval Uncertainty in Cyberinfrastructure-Related Data Processing
P. Pinheiro da Silva, A. Velasco, M. Ceberio, C. Servin, M. Averill, L. Longpre, and V. Kreinovich

On using global optimization method for approximating interval hull solution of parametric linear systems
Iwona Skalna

Imprecise Probabilities with a Generalized Interval Form
Yan Wang

Stochastic Evaluation of Multidimensional Integrals for Time-Dependent Perturbations to the Hamiltonian Operator for Electrons in Wurtzite III-Nitride Crystals
P. D. Yoder

Point-wise Discretization Errors in Boundary Element Method for Elasticity Problem
B. F. Zalewski and R. L. Mullen

Design under Uncertainty using a Combination of Evidence Theory and a Bayesian Approach
J. Zhou, and Z.P. Mourelatos