NSF WORKSHOP: Presentations


Acar, E., Kale, A. and Haftka, R.T.
Effects of Error, Variability, Testing and Safety Factors on Aircraft Safety
[PPT] | Abstract

Alefeld, G.
Improved Methods for Solutions of Complementarity Problems
[PDF] | Abstract

Beer, M., Liebscher, M., and Möller, B.
Structural Design Under Fuzzy Randomness
[PPS] | [PDF] | Abstract

Berleant, Daniel, Zhang, Jianzhong and Sheblé, Gerald
On Completion Times of Networks of Sequential and Concurrent Tasks
[PPT] | Abstract

Berz, Martin and Makino, Kyoko
High-Order Dependency Free Range Bounding for Validated Global Optimization
[PDF] | Abstract

Bêtkowski, M and Pownuk, A.
Calculating Risk of Cost Using Monte Carlo Simulations with Fuzzy Parameters in Civil Engineering
[PPT] | Abstract 

Bogle, David, Johnson, David, and Balendra, Sujan 
Handling Uncertainty in the Development and Design of Chemical Processes
[PPT] | Abstract

Corliss, George, Foley, Christopher M., and Kearfott, R. Baker
Formulation for Reliable Analysis of Structural Frames
[PDF] | Abstract

Edmonson, W., Alexander, W., Hughes, E., and Gloster, C.
Interval Arithmetic Requirements for Digital Signal Processors
[PPT] | Abstract

Ferson, S., Kreinovich, V.,  and Tucker, W. Troy
Untangling Equations Involving Uncertainty
[PPT] | Abstract

Haftka, R., Rosca, R., and Nikolaidis, E.
Using Databases to Test Methods for Decision Under Uncertainty

[PPT] | Abstract

Hajagos, Janos G.
Low-Dose Extrapolation Models for Reliable Human Health Assessment
[PDF] | [PPT] | Abstract

Kearfott, R. Baker
Linear Relaxations - Validation in a Successful Non-Validated Technique
[PDF] | Abstract

Kokkolaras, M.  Mourelatos, Z.P. and Papalambros, P.Y.
Optimal Multilevel System Design Under Uncertainty
[PPT] | Abstract

Kreinovich, V., Beck, J., Ferregut, C., Sanchez, A., Keller, G.R., Averill, M., and Starks, S.A.
Monte-Carlo-Type Techniques for Processing Interval Uncertainty and Their Engineering Applications
[PDF] | Abstract

Lin, Youdong, Gwaltney, Ryan and Stadtherr, Mark A.
Reliable Modeling and Optimization for Chemical Engineering Applications:Interval Analysis Approach
[PDF] | Abstract

Makino, K. and Berz, M.
Recent Advances in the Validated Integration of ODE's
[PDF] | Abstract

Modares, M., Mullen, R., Muhanna, R. and Zhang, H.
Buckling Analysis of Structures with Uncertain Properties and Loads Using an Interval Finite Element Method
[PPT] | Abstract

Moore, Ramon E.
Introductory Remarks on Reliable Engineering Computing
[PDF] | Abstract

Mourelatos, Zissimos P. and Liang, Jinghong
An Efficient Unified Approach for Reliability and Robustness in Engineering Design
[PPT] | Abstract

Muhanna, Rafi L., Mullen, Robert L., Zhang, Hao
Interval Finite Elements as a Basis for Generalized Models of Uncertainty in Engineering Mechanics
[PPT] | Abstract

Nataraj, P.S.V. and Tharewal, Sachin
A Computational Approach to Existence Verification and Construction of Robust QFT Controllers
[PDF] | [PPT] | Abstract

Nataraj, P.S.V., and Tharewal, Sachin
An Interval Analysis Algorithm for Automated Controller Synthesis in QFT Designs
[PDF] | [PPT]

Nataraj, P.S.V., and Sondur, Shanta
Experiments With Range Computations Using Extrapolation
[PDF] | [PPT] | Abstract

Neumaier, Arnold
Worst Case Bounds in Finite Element Computations
[PDF] | Abstract

Neumaier, Arnold
Complete Search for Constrained Global Optimization

Neumaier, Arnold
Uncertainty Modeling for Robust Verifiable Design
[PDF] | Abstract

Pereira, Sebastião C., Mello, Ulisses T., Muhanna, Rafi L., and Ebecken, Nelson M. A. D.
Uncertainty in Thermal Basin Modeling: An Interval Finite Element Approach
[PPT] | Abstract

Pownuk, A.
Efficient Method of Solution of Large Scale Engineering Problems with Interval Parameters Based on Sensitivity Analysis
[PPT] | Abstract

Skalna, Iwona 
A Method for Outer Interval Solution of Parametrized Systems of Linear Equations
[PPT] | Abstract

Smith, S., Lai, L. and Khedri, R.
Requirements Analysis for Engineering Computation
[PDF] | Abstract

Starks, S.A., Kreinovich, V., Longpre, L., Ceberio, M., Xiang, G., Araiza, R., Beck, J., Kandathi, R., Nayak, A., and Torres, R.
Towards Integration of Probabilistic and Interval Errors in Engineering Calculations
[PDF] | Abstract

Tonon, F.
A Search Algorithm for Calculating Validated Reliability Bounds
[PPT] | Abstract

van der Pas, Ruud and Walster, Bill
Interval Arithmetic Support in the Sun Fortran Compiler
[PDF] | Abstract

Wang, Y.
Solving Interval Constraints in Computer-Aided Design
[PPT] | Abstract