Wednesday, February 22, 2006
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How Reliable are Computational Predictions in the Engineering Sciences?
Ivo Babuska
[abstract] [presentation]

Discrete Mechanics on Interval Algebra
Fulvio Tonon [abstract] [presentation]

Checking Computation of Numerical Functions by the Use of Functional Equations
F. Vainstein and Clint Jones [abstract] [presentation]

A Library of Taylor Models for PVS Automatic Proof Checker
Francisco Cháves and Marc Daumas [abstract] [presentation]

Compensated Horner Scheme in K-Fold Working Precision
Ph. Langlois, N. Louvet [abstract]

Applications of Fast and Accurate Summation in Computational Geometry
Stef Graillat, N. Louvet [abstract]

Modeling Uncertainties in Seismic Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
Bruce R. Ellingwood [abstract] [presentation]

Reliability of Structural Reliability Estimation
Isaac Elishakoff and Roberta Santoro [abstract] [presentation]

Towards an Interval Subroutine Library
George F. Corliss, R. Baker Kearfott, Ned Nedialkove, Spencer Smith [abstract] [presentation]

A Computational Environment for Interval Matrices In C++
Michael Nooner and Chenyi Hu [abstract] [presentation]

Interval Arithmetic Technique for Constrained Reliability Optimization Problems
H. Munoz and E. Pierre [abstract] [presentation]

Outlier Detection in Geodetic Applications with Respect to Observation Imprecision
Ingo Neumann, Hansjörg Kutterer and Steffen Schön [abstract] [presentation]

Modeling Hysteris in CLIP - the Two Tanks Problem
D. K. Wittenberg and T. J. Hickey [abstract] [presentation]

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Worst Case Bounds in The Presence of Correlated Uncertainty
Arnold Neumaier [abstract]

Modeling Correlation and Dependence Among Intervals
S. Ferson and V. Kreinovich [abstract] [presentation]

How to Take into Account Dependence Between the Inputs: From Interval Computations to Constraint-Related Set Computations, With Potential Applications to Nuclear Safety, Bio- and Geosciences
Martine Ceberio, Scott Ferson, Vladik Kreinovich, Sanjeev Chopra, Gang Xiang
[abstract] [presentation]

Defect-Based ODE Solvers Based on Taylor Model Methods
M. Berz and K. Makino

Validated Solution of Initial Value Problems for ODE's With Interval Parameters
Y.Lin and M.A. Stadtherr [abstract] [presentation]

Online Implementation of a Robust Controller Using Hybrid Global Optimization Techniques
Nataraj S. V. Paluri, and Nandkishor Kubal [abstract]

Reduction in Space Complexity and Error Detection/Correction of a Fuzzy Controller
F. Vainstein, V. Osorio, E. Marte, and R. Romero [abstract] [presentation]

Interval Arithmetic Logic Unit for Signal Processing And Control Applications
W. W. Edmonson, R. Gupte, J. Gianchandani, S. Ocloo, and W. E. Alexander [abstract] [presentation]

Interval-Based Robust Statistical Techniques for Non-Negative Convex Functions, with Application to Timing Analysis of Computer Chips
Michael Orshansky, Wei-Shen Wang, Gang Xiang, Vladik Kreinovich [abstract] [presentation]

On Reliability of Higher-Order FEM in Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems
Petr Sváček [abstract] [presentation]

Interval Finite Element Methods: New Directions
Rafi Muhanna, Vladik Kreinovich, Pavel Solin, Jack Chessa, Roberto Araiza, Gang Xiang [abstract] [presentation]

Bounding the Response of Mechanical Structures with Uncertainties in all the Parameters
E. D. Popova, R. Yankov, Z. Bonev [abstract] [presentation]

Friday, February 24, 2006

Overview of Reliability Analysis and Design Capabilities In DAKOTA
M.S. Eldred [abstract] [presentation]

Semantic Tolerance Modeling Based on Modal Interval Analysis
Yan Wang [abstract] [presentation]

Why are Intervals and Imprecision Important in Engineering Design?
J. M. Aughenbaugh and C. J. J. Paredis
[abstract] [presentation]

Computational Methods for Decision Making Based on Imprecise Information
M. Bruns , C.J.J. Paredis , and S. Ferson
[abstract] [presentation]

Sampling Without Probabilistic Model
Michael Beer
[abstract] [presentation]

Non-Probabilistic Design Optimization with Insufficient Data
Zissimos P. Mourelatos and Jun Zhou [abstract] [presentation]

Prediction of Uncertain Structural Responses with Fuzzy Time Series
Bernd Moeller, Uwe Reuter [abstract] [presentation]

Boundary Element Analysis of Systems Using Interval Methods
B.F. Zalewski, R.L. Mullen, R.L. Muhanna [abstract] [presentation]

Simultaneous Calculation of Gradient Enclosures and Their Use for n-Th Order Box Rejection
K. Makino and M. Brez [abstract]

Reliable Dynamic Analysis of Transportation Systems
M. Modares, R.L. Mullen and D.A. Gasparini [abstract] [presentation]

Geometric Uncertainty in Truss Systems: An Interval Approach
Rafi L. Muhanna, Ayše Erdolen and Robert Mullen [abstract] [presentation]

Additional Papers

Prediction of Deflection for Prestressed Concrete Girders Using a Bayesian Approach
X.J. Chen, C.W. Shen and L.J. Jacobs